Website designing using the tools like CMS

Content management system is an application that used to create and modify the digital content. It is often used in environment where multiple users work in collaborative way. It has wide range of features which help the users in creating the content of the website, determining the designs using the templates, format management, version control etc. Typically a good CMS will have two parts. One is content management application (CMA) which allows the user to create the content, design and editing of the website with limited expertise. Second part is called Content Delivery application (CDA) which compiles the information and update the website for the others to view.

Developing the website using CMS

As the internet has spread to all parts of the world, more people want to have their own website either for blog purpose or to sell their products or to simply put information about their product or business. Either way it is simple to create and design the website using the CMS. There are lots of people who are good at CMS website development. Wide variety of CMS applications are available for the users to select from based on their needs. If one wants to just have a blog or website for themselves, they can use CMS such as word press which have lot of inbuilt tools and plug in which help them in choosing the good layout and design and then to update the content of their website. Word press is free to use and it’s not that complex in nature.

E-commerce portal Development

Developing a good e-commerce portal requires basic level of complex plug in and other things needed to be used. Due to the complex nature of the website purpose, designers who are good at ecommerce website development use CMS like Joomla. Joomla though is very easy for basic operations like magazine creation, need more plug in for the usages like e-com portals. For E-com portal you need to integrate the payment gateway to be linked with financial institutions such as banks and card companies who provides the services.

But people need not to worry about this; they can handover the e-commercial portal development to expert at website development who knows to handle this integration in a simple way. Once it is designed and ready they will run several trials using the data to make sure that website is running without any hiccups.

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